Adventure Travel in the Far East: Amazing Locations and Incredible Cultures


For travelers looking to truly experience something different from the ordinary vacation, adventure travel in the Far East has it all. This incredible continent has fascinated visitors for generations, both for the beauty of the land and for its many interesting cultures. Adventure travel in the Far East can lead you in many different directions. Whether you're exploring ancient temples in the jungle or hiking through rugged, snow-laden mountain passes, there's something new to discover at every turn, as you'll be awe-struck by the incredible history and timeless beauty of this region no matter where you choose to visit.


A good place to start when it comes to adventure travel in the Far East is China, the largest of all countries in the region. Until recently, much of China was off limits to outside visitors, so adventure travel in China was uncommon. Although much of the country is still said to be off-limits to tourism, adventure travel in China can lead you to incredible hiking and rock climbing experiences in the Himalayas, home to Mt. Everest, K-2, and more of the most infamous hiking and rock climbing locations in the world. The majesty of this snow covered land is incredible, as hiking through Tibet and experiencing the vibrant local culture is the ultimate compliment to rock climbing up tall, icy ledges and peaks. Rafting and kayaking are also very popular on the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers in the heart of China, and mountain biking has always been an extremely popular way to tour the countryside. Adventure travel in China will lead you from open grasslands to the tallest mountain peaks in the world, and going on these exciting adventures in the heart of a country so rich with history is an experience unlike any other.

Adventure travel in Thailand is a great chance to visit a country that is still vastly unpopulated, with incredible National Parks and the chance for all kinds of great outdoor sports and adventure activities. Rafting on the Pai River draws thousands of visitors every year, and hiking through Doi Inthanan National Park will allow you to see the truly unspoiled natural jungle rainforest for which Southeast Asia is so famous up close and personal. Thailand's coast is also the perfect destination for surfing! The diversity of terrain and activities makes Thailand one of the most popular Far East adventure travel locations available.

For travelers seeking both excitement and a visit that can restore the spirit, adventure travel in Nepal is the perfect destination. Out of all the options for adventure travel in the Far East, Nepal offers you the chance to experience a culture that revolves around the ancient principle of Karma, as you'll visit sleepy mountain villages and incredible Buddhist temples and pagodas. In addition to sightseeing, hiking and camping in Nepal allows you to experience the southern half of the Himalayas, while mountain biking and rock climbing are also available all over the region. Exploring Nepal will allow you to meet incredible people and engage in plenty of challenging activities.

Adventure travel in the Far East can take you to many different locations, each unique in their culture and geography. Too often the Far East is overlooked by travelers, but anyone who visits leaves with a sense of wonder at the natural landscape and the incredible sense of history and tradition that pervades. Whether you're looking for an extended stay for adventure travel in India or looking to spend a short week rock climbing in Nepal, adventure travel in the Far East has something to offer everyone, as it is truly one of the most unique and memorable travel destinations in the world.

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