Adventure Travel in North America


For travelers with a passion for adventure and challenging physical activities, there's really no better option than North America adventure travel. There are all sorts of things to do in all kinds of different environments and settings, and an endless array of both planned and self-guided travel options. Adventure Travel in North America offers some of the most thrilling options for all kinds of different sports and entertainment in lots of locations, from the beaches of Mexico to the majestic mountains of Alaska. There is truly something for everyone on this continent full of diverse climates and incredible scenery.


One of the most popular North America adventure travel destinations is Mexico, which offers plenty of options for taking advantage of its beautiful coastlines and oceans as well as the rugged beauty of its mountains and deserts. One of the biggest draws to Mexico for travelers has always been its world-class fishing. Mexico offers some of the best chances for big-game fishing for species like Marlin and Sailfish available anywhere in the world. With miles of pristine beaches and access to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, the options for different types of fishing are incredible. You'll also find incredible sightseeing in Mexico, as well as great opportunities for hiking and camping!

Adventure travel in North America may be best summed up by the country of Canada, as Canada adventure travel offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. You'll also find great opportunities for hiking and camping in all sorts of great locations, from the quaint beauty of Prince Edward Island on the Atlantic Ocean, to snow-bound excursions in the Yukon.

Another great location for cold-weather adventure travel in North America is Alaska. Alaska adventure travel attracts lots of people every year, but this incredibly beautiful region still offers quietude and seclusion in which to enjoy the pristine natural setting. Whether you're kayaking between icebergs in a picturesque bay of serene water or just taking in the mountains and clean air on a long hike, Alaska offers some of the most memorable opportunities for North America adventure travel.

For surfers and warm weather fanatics, adventure travel in Hawaii is surely an incredible option, as this tropical paradise boasts some of the best surfing beaches and most legendary waves in the world. Similarly, California is a surfing hotspot, but it also attracts lots of visitors to its northern regions, including the Cascade Mountains and Lake Tahoe. Skiing, camping and rock climbing are some of the most favored activities for adventure sports in California, and there is all sorts of information available on finding great ways to take part in these activities no matter what your experience level.

And for being home to some of the most sought after North America Adventure travel experiences, Colorado truly tops the list. Adventure travel in Colorado can mean whitewater rafting down a furious river, camping and hiking among the ancient beauty of the Rocky Mountains, or skiing down an alpine slope in a flurry of powder. Rock climbers around the world also agree that Colorado is home to some of the best and most challenging climbs around!

Adventure travel in North America has something to offer everyone. Perhaps the best thing about North America adventure travel is that it offers you the chance to truly appreciate this region of the world through a variety of exciting activities. No matter what your passion or interests, there is a place to go to do it that offers something that other locations in the world won't. Come discover an incredible landscape full of challenging activities and outdoor sports opportunities through adventure travel in North America.

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